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To whom it may concern, I have know Kevin for near 6 years.  From our first meeting; when he was a student in my class, he has proven his enthusiasm and drive to be the best practitioner he can be.  He immediately dove into the stretching and strengthening work I teach, taking every class I have to offer and working many, many hours one on one with me to be certain he is doing the absolute best work he can do.  Over the years I have enjoyed watching him blossom from being a fairly "standard" bodyworker into a 3 dimensional practitioner, combining many aspects of body work to help each and every patient that walks through his doors.  He has a strong understanding; not only foundational work to improve the essential components of healing, but also has advanced his learning to integrate top level functional and neurological work into his skill set to place himself at the top of his game. 

Most recently Kevin has joined with me to begin teaching stretching and strengthening.  Kevin and I are also working together to integrate his knowledge of function into the classes to create a more complete and robust program, giving the students a concrete program of assessment to better judge the outcomes of treatment.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin for anything and everything he wishes to work at knowing he will always operate with the integrity he has shown over these years and his drive to always be the best he can for himself and his patients."

Joshua Morton LMP, MAISS, MMLT
Master AISS Practitioner and Teacher AIS Northwest


"Kevin's knowledge and passion for helping me reduce the pain in my back and increasing the movement my body needs for the demands of my occupation and athletic Hobbies have been very beneficial. Very Grateful that Kevin is in our community."

Chris N.

"I have seen Kevin Pedrey several times for issues related to my neck and low back and highly recommend him.  Kevin is very personable and genuinely cares about your health.  He takes his time to get to know you and assess your issue to develop a treatment plan with the goal of getting you feeling better as quickly as possible.  Each time I have seen him, I have walked out feeling so much better and within the next day functioning 100% again!   I like that not only does he utilize some traditional massage, but he is very skilled with other techniques to help relieve pain and improve mobility.  I appreciate that he provides stretches and range of motion exercises for me to do at home to help maintain my progress.  Thanks for all you do, Kevin!"

Gretta R."

"It is my genuine delight to recommend Kevin Pedrey, of Northwest Massage, as an extremely skilled and talented Massage Therapist. Kevin does what I call "medical massage". What I mean by this is that his style of Massage has a clinical purpose to relive pain and aid people in achieving a higher level of health and function.

I came to Kevin with severe hamstring tightness and pain that had begun to restrict my ability to even walk with ease. After only a few sessions, and doing the stretches that he has shown me, I am nearly pain free. Over time, my flexibility is increasing and my delight in walking, gardening and doing yoga has returned! I am very grateful for Kevin's skill and talents.

All healing requires full participation. I am healing directly proportional to my consistency in receiving this high level of care AND my willingness to do my homework! Kevin gives homework and I love it!

Kevin brings high energy and passion for the work he does with each person he works with and thrills in every success that brings us closer to feeling great!"

Pat F.

"I was referred to Kevin at Northwest Massage after injuring my back. Coming into this office, I was in a lot of pain, barely able to walk and unable to tie my shoes. Through massage, cupping, and active isolated stretching, he was able to get me walking again and back to work. I had a great experience with Kevin. He was positive and very much wanted to get me fixed. He gave me a set of stretches to do between appointments that I do to this day to remain limber. I highly recommend Kevin and Northwest Massage!"

Mike L.

"If you are looking for a very knowledgable and highly qualified trainer and massage therapist Kevin Pedry is your guy. After starting menopause I noticed  a rapid decline in my muscles, especially my upper arms. Very embarrassing, and I didn't want to wear short sleeves anymore. I had even considered surgery. Kevin assured me this was easy to remedy with proper weight training. He designed a custom regimen I could do on my own. It worked quickly. Being more fit due to Kevins guidance has turned the clock back. His whole body fitness program is very different than anything I ever learned. It promotes whole body strength and balance in all activities (for me it has been a big help with trail off trail hiking!). Kevin is very professional but he's also a  lot of fun to work with. In addition, I highly recommend Kevin for your aches and pains, he knows how to get release and healing going for stuck/painful tissues, joints, and neck and back. I am so grateful for all he has taught me but most of all I can now do a perfect squat! Lol!"


"I made my first appointment with Kevin as I was experiencing chronic and severe pain in my right hip. Kevin did a very thorough assessment of pain level, mobility, and flexibility. Based on that assessment, he set a protocol for a variety processes that would not only alleviate the pain, but give me much better functioning in my hip. I appreciated that he listened to my concerns, always explained why he was recommending a certain process for me, and was always encouraging. I definitely appreciated him giving me specific exercises that I could do at home that would increase the progress I I was making and for recommending classes such a Tai Chi and Functional Movement that would also be helpful for long-term mobility and strength. As a result of his efforts, I am walking without the pain I had felt for several years and am planning my taking another walking tour next year."

Dorothy B

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin as a client and he is very knowledgeable in his work and technique and it has helped me a great deal in a lot of my injury ares.  I would recommend Kevin on your journey to wellness!" 

Michelle S.

"Kevin Pedrey has been my massage therapist for the past 18 months.  I  have complicated medical issues that Kevin carefully addresses with each massage, bringing me great relief, relaxation and increased flexibility.  I am convinced his massages help keep me moving.  Simply put:  He is superb at what he does!"

Beth C."

"I work with Kevin and share clients with him, and I've also had the opportunity to have him work with me on my cranky knee. Kevin is extremely skilled at helping clients resolve pain and faulty movement patterns, all the while keeping them entertained with his friendly banter. He cares immensely about the welfare of his clients and it shows in the quality of his work."

Libby S. Restorative Movement Specialist

"I was involved in a car accident last October that resulted in severe soft tissue damage (whiplash) from the base of my skull to the upper half of my back and shoulder area. Immediately, I had a horrific headache that never completely went away during the next two months. The tendons, ligaments, and muscles were torn, tight and very painful.

Although I had had only had a couple of relaxation type massage sessions in my life, I thought that I should try massage before chiropractics and/or painkillers. I went the first time to a local masseuse recommended to me by a friend, but because she was reducing her hours, was unable to schedule later visits more often than twice a month. I started my search for a new masseuse online by reviewing websites and emailing. Kevin answered my email the same day and I am so glad he did!! I had no knowledge of the difference between therapeutic massage and relaxation massage, so I feel blessed that I came across his website, because therapeutic massage was exactly what I needed.

I was a patient from late October to mid February and I was always impressed with Kevin's professionalism, knowledge, humor, and compassion. I can tell by his effort to continually learn new concepts, that he has chosen a profession that he loves and is passionate about. With Kevin's treatments, along with physical therapy, I was able to heal without using painkillers. I have not had any flair ups since March and feel that I would not have healed so completely without his help.

I have no reservations to recommending him to other people and if you would like to speak with me personally, Kevin can give you my phone number or email."


''I started seeing kevin last summer of 2017 for a work injury, and upon working on me with that shoulder he started  to work on jy neck as well. I am so very grateful and thankful  for his amazing  ability  to help recover  and I'm still working  with him now. If it was not for him I wouldn't  be where I'm at working  full-time  again and healing amazingly  well. Thank you Kevin.


"This is a testimonial for the work that Kevin Pedrey has been doing for me. I have Stenois is my neck and both my arms have had pain from the kinks and knots in them. I have had a lot of pain. It has been difficult to put my clothes and jacket on with out having a great deal of pain.

Kevin has been working on these areas through stretching, cupping and deep tissue massage. The treatments have been painful at times, however the results I am getting show that the "no pain, no gain" theory that I live by is true, as he has done wonders for me!

After treatments I was noticing a big difference with my Range of motion and the reduction in my overall pain. It dawned on me that my arms weren't hurting as much as I have been so used to the pain. I sleep better at night because there is less pain. I have reduced my use of Ibuprofen because there is much less pain!

Kevin is really good at what he does. He is an excellent massage therapist . I say to him, "do your magic" and he has! I would refer him to anyone with pain issues and have been telling friends and family all about the results we have been getting! I am so thankful in the help he has given me and I am so thankful that I am feeling so much better!"

Margaret A

“For quite a few years I have had shoulder pain which was diagnosed as Biceps Tendonitis.  I had sharp pains when getting dressed, pain when I was doing my hair and even pain when lifting my coffee cup.

The orthopedist had suggested a "not very intrusive" surgery.  However, the aftermath would have left me with an at least six weeks long recovery period.  My arm would have been mostly in a sling and my life would have been essentially on hold.

Fortunately I talked to Kevin first.  He suggested to let him work on that shoulder, using deep tissue massage together with other therapeutic techniques, on a weekly basis coupled with home exercises which would complement his work.  Am I glad I followed his advice!

Even though the treatment was not entirely painless, I noticed improvement in how I could use my arm and slowly but surely I was able to do my normal daily work.

Since then I have seen Kevin for other problems with regards to my neck, legs and feet and every so often  my shoulder. (Tendonitis has a way of coming back occasionally.)  Sometimes I overdo my gym exercises or my body just does not want to cooperate with every movement I make.  But fortunately Kevin is still around and I feel confident that he can help every time.

The thought of surgery and having my arm in a sling is a nightmare of the past.  Lucky me!  

I recommend Kevin Pedrey's treatments to anyone.    

Kudos to Kevin for helping me to avoid shoulder surgery."


"Kevin has been able to find the root cause of pain on my neck, hip, and shoulder. His technique is like no one I have ever been to before and it really works!''


"From the moment I met Kevin, he has been an inspiration in my life. Kevin is very forward thinking, energetic and is a very compassionate person. Kevin has not only helped me keep my mobility but also helped in my overall health. Kevin is an excellent masseuse and has become a great friend." 

Randy L.

"At 18 years old, I've had horrible migraines all my life and lower back pain for the past 2 years. My migraines and back pain got so bad that I couldn't function most days. Over the past year I've gone to multiple doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors. However, none of them really made much progress with my condition. Finally, a friend told me about Northwest Fitness and Massage with Kevin Pedrey in Sequim, Washington, and I decided to try it out. I started going in April and have an appointment every other week. In just 5 months, I no longer have back pain doing regular day-to-day activities, and I have learned a lot about how to strengthen my body and help support my neck and back with strength training. Kevin has helped me so much in the short time I've worked with him, and he even created a custom work-out plan for me while I'm in college. I'm so thankful for how much he has helped me and taught me about how to care for myself and work-out correctly."


Kevin’s unique understanding of the muscular-skeletal systems allowed him to open up my very painful “frozen shoulders’. His body work along with helpful training suggestions were more productive than working with a physical therapist. Kevin has helped me work past pain and helped keep my body moving fluidly which allows me to continue dancing with a BIG smile on my face. Have recommended him to ALL my friends who are looking for “result” oriented body work.

Kevin is an exceptional person and massage therapy professional. His calming demeanor and knowledgeable style quickly put me at ease and I felt that he knew exactly what my issues were and how best to treat them. I feel refreshed and relaxed after every session with him. I highly recommend him to my friends and co-workers!

Liz T.

Kevin is more than a massage therapist. As an athlete himself he understands not only the anatomy and physiology but more importantly how we tend to “beat ourselves up” in the name of fitness. Kevin concentrates not only on what is hurting you but ways to prevent injury from occurring in the first place by taking a proactive approach to your overall well being both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Kevin. Don’t wait until you have an injury!

Bob K.

In May of 2018, I retired at 61, from the Boeing Company, where I worked most of my 32-year career in Military and Commercial Airplane Quality. I closed my career there as the BCA expert on nonconformance and corrective action. In the wake of our retirement, my wife and I bought and began remodeling an older home, a few miles out of Sequim.

During this work, I managed to re-injure my lower-back. It was particularly painful and I was placed under a “no work” directive by my doctor. I had developed “drop foot” on my left side. I was literally unable to walk without a pronounced “flap”, as my numb foot moved from heel to toe. My right hip manifested pain so intense that I could barely sit long enough to drive to town. I actually stood for meals! The pain and partial paralysis made sleep a challenge, to say nothing of the work I had committed myself to (major remodel; tear out, disposal, rebuild). When my wife and sister-in-law invested with Kevin Pedrey for me to receive massage and treatment, I was bent and limping. That was in September of 2018.

Kevin worked my muscles and joints seemingly without mercy! Had it not provided almost immediate results, I would have run (not really… more likely limped and lumbered) away from the follow-on visits. However, there was noticeable, if incremental, improvement. My flexibility and core strength immediately improved. After a few sessions (and prescribed follow-on exercises) my pain was eased enough that I could perform light work again, and I could drive for more extended periods. My doctor was impressed but cautious. I was ecstatic!

As I write this note in late December 2018, the same doctor that predicted I would be in surgery within the year has assessed my rehabilitation. I have regained between 75 and 85% of my strength and mobility in only 3 months. I stand straight and sit comfortably... and I am losing fat! While I do have some residual (and cautionary) pain, I intend to continue my sessions with Kevin, in the hope and promise of continued improvement and renewed strength.

C. Davis